Connecting our community with art and faith.


What better place to help the hurting than in our own backyards? It is the church's calling to meet the real life needs in the very places of residence we are in. We seek to develop the bonds of community and development within our neighborhoods. It is through the act of actively reaching out to our neighbor when we draw closer to God.


Jesus spoke the common language of the people—stories. It was with stories Jesus taught and ministered to the people around Him. We endeavor to continue this practice by speaking the common language of our people—art. With art, we seek to communicate the work of Christ in our lives and offer you the opportunity to join us.


Our faith defines our very reason for art and community. Without this thread, our art has no purpose and our communities lack a critical component of commonality and relationship. It is not only an enriching ingredient of our lives, but it is the piece that is vital to a healthy life with one another as well as with God.